Brains Bananas and Toilets

First of all, the title should have you thinking, what does my brain have to do with a banana and a toilet?  That is so far out there.  After you read this you will be saying "I want to make sure I don't get toilet brain".

As you can see a banana has a curve.  If you pulled on the banana, twisted or bent the banana you would squish all the fruit inside.  Good luck getting your 6 year old to eat it now.

Your neck and spine have curves also.  If you change the curve in the, spine especially the neck, you damage the trillions of nerves inside.  These nerves go to your heart, lungs, liver, immune system and every where else.

"Squished" nerves do not work very well.  That may be why you have headaches, neck pain, back pain, irritable bowel, numbness, constipation, asthma and much much more.

When your brain can't communicate with your body, the body breaks down.  Your heart will not beat without input from your brain.  If you choke off that input in any way, the …