Brains Bananas and Toilets

First of all, the title should have you thinking, what does my brain have to do with a banana and a toilet?  That is so far out there.  After you read this you will be saying "I want to make sure I don't get toilet brain".

As you can see a banana has a curve.  If you pulled on the banana, twisted or bent the banana you would squish all the fruit inside.  Good luck getting your 6 year old to eat it now.

Your neck and spine have curves also.  If you change the curve in the, spine especially the neck, you damage the trillions of nerves inside.  These nerves go to your heart, lungs, liver, immune system and every where else.

"Squished" nerves do not work very well.  That may be why you have headaches, neck pain, back pain, irritable bowel, numbness, constipation, asthma and much much more.

When your brain can't communicate with your body, the body breaks down.  Your heart will not beat without input from your brain.  If you choke off that input in any way, the heart does not work properly.  All cells and every system in ;your body relies on proper nerve flow.

What about the "toilet"?
There is a very important lubricant-matrix-solvent made in your brain called Cerebral Spinal Fluid or CSF.  The CSF is made in our brains, flows down the spinal cord to the lower back, then it pumps back up the spine, into the head and out our Jugular Vein.  Which is why vampires like us so much.

Seriously, the CSF bathes your brain in nutrients, absorbs toxins, and supports your brain and spinal cord.  The constant flow of CSF is vital to our brain and spinal cord.

Now, let's say you had an injury to your neck like a fall or car accident.  That will change the alignment of your spine and you will lose the proper banana curve.  Trillions of nerves will be squished and the CSF flow gets interrupted.  This is like a backed up rest area toilet.  Got the image in your head (to gross to post here).

Look at an old football player.  In their twenty's they got injured, lost the banana curve and got toilet brain.  Decades later, we sadly see them losing control and in terrible health.  Their brain just sat there and festered too long.

You may think, well I never had anybody tackling me.  You're correct.  However, you may have slipped on the ice and hit the ground at about 22 mph.  That's just the laws of gravity.  Any fall, car accidents, constant stress or toxicity can cause you to lose the banana curve.  Toilet brain simply follows.

How can you tell if you have lost the curve or have toilet brain?  If you look at yourself from the side in a picture.  You may see that your head is forward, you lean back wards and stick your belly out.  From the front you can see un-level ears, shoulders or hips.

If you walk into a room and forgot why.  If you have a hard time doing an activity that was easy to do.  If you forget peoples names or faces.  Did you notice a personality change?  Do you experience brain fog?  Those are all signs that you may have toilet brain.

Thank God we can do something about this!  In most cases, it is just about restoring the normal spinal curvatures and alignment.  For some people, it may include a detox plan, some functional neurological stimulation or even reseting brain pathways.

If you noticed any of the above changes you may have lost your banana curve and have toilet brain.  Now is the time to make some changes and call our office 810-225-7246.  After all, I'm certain you want to make sure you do not get "toilet brain."